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Digital Thermometer


Clinical infrared electronic thermometer.

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In the midst of a global health crisis, it’s best not to take any chances. The peace of mind from being able to keep track of all temperatures in a household is priceless. 

Our Infrared Forehead Thermometer is the most accurate way to measure someone’s temperature without touching their skin. You’ll be able to get an instant temperature reading, no more waiting around for mercury thermometers.

It has an intelligent algorithm and high accuracy infrared sensor that can read the temperature of any person with different skin tones, which makes it a good choice for families, business facilities, hotels, schools.

Key Features:

  • Prevents Cross-infection – This infrared thermometer allows you to measure anyone’s temperature without touching the skin, preventing cross-infection between multiple people.
  • High-accuracy Sensor – The Infrared Forehead Thermometer is designed for different skin tones, making use of an intelligent algorithm and high accuracy infrared sensor to produce a temperature accuracy of ±0.4°F(± 0.2°C).
  • Fever Alarm – There are 3 colors on the LCD screen, normal temperature 35°C – 37.3°C (green), 37.4 – 38°C slight fever (Yellow), 38°C – 42°C (red). An alarm sound is triggered at significant temperature. 
  • Selectable °F/°C – Change the temperature sign to match your respective region. 
  • Portable – This thermometer gun fits easily into most carry-on bags. It’s better to be safe than sorry, make sure you’re prepared to monitor your temperature and the temperature of family members. 
  • Quick Setup – You won’t have to fiddle with complicated setups out of the box. Taking temperatures is as simple as pointing and pressing a button, no contact, no-touch, and instant reading. 

What are you waiting for? You can’t put a price on you and your loved ones’ health and safety.

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